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Open a Stocks and shares ISAs, which is a tax-efficient home for your savings for the medium to long term.

This ‘wrappers’ designed to protect your investments from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and offer tax advantages for the income generated.

Gain access to a range of different investment opportunities.  An ISA allows you to control your savings planning because of the freedom you have to choose how you invest and manage your savings over time.

You will benefit from...

Annual Allowance

The maximum contribution into your ISA is £20,000, the end of the tax year is the 5th April, which is the deadline to use your allowance.

IHT Benefits

ISA funds can be passed onto you spouse free from IHT

Income and gains made are free of any tax

An ISA account are free from both capital gains tax (CGT) and income tax.  Dividends are tax-free under the new dividends allowance, you don't pay any income tax on interest from corporate bonds in an ISA.


Bed and ISA transactions allow you to sell existing investments that your holding outside your ISA and then buy the same investments back within your ISA. or choose other investments or simply hold the cash within your ISA.


We offer a range of personalised services to allow you to invest across a range of products including shares, investment trusts, unit trusts, corporate and government bonds.

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