Corporate Finance

We are a specialist firm in raising finance for businesses and helping them to achieve their immediate and long-term financing needs. First Equity has an innovative and proven team of people who understand how to provide funding solutions for your business and industry.

By using our distinctive approach to working with clients and markets, we raise finance from a wide-range of available sources ensuring they are the most suitable and appropriate for both your current and future business requirements. These can range from seed capital, pre-IPO, IPO and other primary or secondary funding. Structures used for investment capital include: bonds, equity offerings, EIS and a number of other structures.

We are highly experienced in working with firms to achieve listing on a recognised exchange which often goes hand-in-hand with our corporate finance remit.

The usual level of capital raising we look to conduct is between £500,000 and £3,000,000 and investment stages range from seed capital, pre-IPO, and primary and secondary public offerings.  We are experienced in reviewing the potential for SEIS or EIS qualifying investments as well as those that don’t attract IHT.

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